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Accreditation and Evaluation

Our accreditations are aimed at human resources advisors, coaches, head hunters and recruiters who work in different environments and who want to use psychometric tests to complete their practices.

By being accredited by CAMIQ Inc., you obtain a license to use our psychometric tools and a preferential rate on all reports.

We provide comprehensive training, the necessary equipment for interpreting psychometric tests and periodic monitoring.

Bring a new dimension to your practice by getting a TTI Success Insights accreditation and increase the quality of your recommendations and interventions.

The assessment of the workforce is an important step for every company.

Our individual and comparative psychometric tests, coupled with our expertise in communication and organizational performance, allow us to evaluate your employees, your work teams and your hierarchy.

We then draw up a comparative report and come up with practical recommendations on the possible promotions, the necessary improvements, the movements of staff as well as the ideal work teams.

No longer direct your work teams blindly, get to know your employees better, through our tools and expertise, and increase the overall performance of your workforce.



Our evaluation process allows you to better know your workforce at several levels:

  • Communication

  • Team interactions

  • Motivators and demotivators

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Ideal working environment

  • Ideal teammates

Our comparative evaluations also allow you to place, on a single graph, all the psychometric results of your workforce in order to draw a global and illuminating portrait of your current situation.

Visit the TOOLS section to learn more about the types of assessments available or contact us.

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