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Evaluations and Audits

An healthy organization is an organization that constantly reinvents itself to meet the demands of customers, the realities of the job market and internal issues.
At CAMIQ, we have set up a series of professional audits and evaluations to assess your current situation and take action.
Whether you want to evaluate your employees individually or to evaluate the efficiency of your procurement, sales, marketing and operations, we have the expertise you need.
Our audits are carried out in collaboration with your company and a great emphasis is placed on the relationship of trust, the presence in the field and periodic monitoring.
By pushing beyond a simple audit of your processes and an evaluation of your workforce, our experts assist you in developing your objectives and an action plan, as well as following them up to date. at completion of the project.


In-depth study of your processes

  • Procurement and Operations

  • Marketing and sales

  • Management and governance

  • Performance and

  • competitiveness

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Opportunities and threats

  • Audit all facets of your business


Evaluation of your workforce

  • Psychometric tests

  • Departmental evaluations

  • Assessment of skills

  • Performance evaluations

  • 360-type assessments

  • Satisfaction assessments

  • Values and motivations evaluation​

  • Take the pulse of your business


Detailed reports and recommendations

  • Highlights

  • Potential dangers

  • Your place on the market

  • Your competitors

  • Desirable strategies

  • Possible developments

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Moving forward knowingly

  • Psychometric experts in-house

  • Partnerships with experts in several fields

  • Professional and pictorial reports in the form of a dashboard

Audits, Evaluations and Follow-Ups by our Team of Experts

  • Audits, evaluations and follow-ups made by our experts

  • Use of 10 psychometric sciences

  • Full market research

  • Strategic recommendations based on your abilities

Need an audit and/or other evaluations?

Want to assess your workforce?

Deep expertise in psychometrics
Varied and complete assessments
Personalized recommendations
Audits performed by several experts