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TTI Success Insights

Skills assessment: A development tool.

The Report

 Twelve Driving Forces

In many jobs, personal skills are as important as technical skills to achieve superior performance. Personal skills are often transferable to different positions, while technical skills are usually more specific.


This report assesses the 25 most used skills in a work environment.


One can then draw a portrait of very specific skills for a potential candidate in order to see:

  • If he fulfills the conditions of accession for a job;

  • If he is able to improve certain skills over time;

  • If his abilities are sought by the company;

  • What are his strengths and weaknesses?


Depending on the position, especially for middle management and executives, these 25 skills are often more used and relevant to the job than professional skills. It is therefore essential, in evaluating the hiring of these positions, to have a skills assessment.