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Brainstorming and Planification

At the base of any business, organization or solo practice is a clear strategy supported by defined values. Brainstorming is a major component of innovation and strategic thinking.


The strategy will dictate what you are and where you are going so that all the actions your organization is doing are consistent with the goals you have set.


On the other hand, all too often, brainstorming sessions are unofficial and disorganized and some of the company's actors do not see this practice as important. Such approaches do not promote communication, the expression of ideas and creativity.


Our support services and training in strategy and brainstorming are developed to measure according to the needs of your company.


Our consultants are experts in the field and will guide you and train your staff. Our approach promotes creativity and innovation and ensures a healthy transition, a real application of mission and vision statements that will be defined, and sound change management where appropriate.

The foundation

Mission - Vision - Values

  • Clarify values

  • Identify the mission

  • State the vision

  • Create a solid foundation

The thinking

Brainstorming sessions

  • Leave room for ideas

  • Listen, interact and innovate

  • Think out of the box

  • Power your business

The planning

Strategic Planning

  • Create an action plan

  • Clarify tasks

  • Assign responsibilities

  • Go in the right direction

  • Sessions organized and dispensed by an expert

  • Emphasis on creativity and expression

  • Moderation of speaking time and involvement

Complete Supervision at all Stages

  • Coaching on the best planning techniques

  • Market and future focused strategies

  • Help in writing and communicating the strategy

Ready to establish your strategy?
Need to brainstorm?


Be supervised by experts
Use the most up-to-date methods
Unleash communication and creativity
Get a post-planning follow-up