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Our certifications target human resources advisors, coaches, head hunters and recruiters who work in a variety of fields and want to use psychometric tests to support their practices.

When you are certified by CAMIQ Inc., you get a license to use our psychometric tools and a preferential rate on all reports.

We provide comprehensive training, the necessary equipment for interpreting psychometric tests and periodic monitoring.

Bring a new dimension to your service offering by becoming certified for the use and interpretation of our products, especially those of TTI Success Insights and increase the quality of your recommendations and interventions.


Two day initial workshop

  • Study the model

  • Master the model

  • Understand the subtleties

  • Create a solid foundation


Get the CAMIQ Certification

  • Debrief assessments yourself

  • Add 10 sciences to your arsenal

  • Do everything yourself

  • Power your organization


Types of reports

  • Individual Reports

  • Team Repots

  • Comparative reports

  • Master them al

  • A CAMIQ consultant available at all times

  • Power point presentations available

  • Get help quickly for complex interpretations

Personnalized Training and Follow-up  

  • Support and follow-up 7 days a week

  • Assessments are sent within 12 hours of the request

  • No reports limit and preferential rates

Ready to propel your practice?
Want to become certified?

Be supervised by experts
Use the most up-to-date methods
Unleash communication and creativity
Get a post-certification follow-up