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Training and Team Building

Our training workshops, through conferences and guided activities, are a great way to increase self-awareness and knowledge of others. We also provide recommendations on theideal behaviours to adopt according to the communication style of others.


Initially, our workshops aim at explaining the individual report selected and completed by all the members of the team.


Subsequently, several interactive activities allow participants to put into practice the principles learned during the conference. 


Our workshops focus on team cohesion, establishing a common language and improving interpersonal relationships.


Our expertise, coupled with our state-of-the-art psychometric tools will bring a dynamic within your company and increase the performance of your work teams.


It's also a great investment as your employees will get to know each other better personally and collectively.


The length of our sessions varies depending on the chosen product, the size of the group and the goal.


Our workshops are affordable, dynamic and encourage participation. They will undoubtedly bring new energy into your business.


Contact us by filling out the form and we will be pleased to help you improve the performance

of your work force.


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Emotional Intelligence evaluation


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