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Team Building and Workshops

Our training workshops focus on self-awareness, knowledge of others, as well as recommendations on the best practices to adopt according to the profile of your interlocutor.
Our team building workshops focus on team cohesion, establishing a common language and improving interpersonal relationships.
Our expertise, coupled with our state-of-the-art psychometric tools will bring a new dynamic within your company and increase the performance of your work teams.
Our workshops are affordable, dynamic and encourage participation. They will undoubtedly bring new energy into your business.


Personnalized on demand

  • Herrmann Brain Dominance

  • DISC (Behaviours and communication)

  • Driving Forces (Values and motivators)

  • Dynamic and Innovative workshops


Professionnal Development

  • Better communication

  • Cohesion within the team

  • Self-knowledge 

  • Knowledge of others

  • Multi-dominance presentations

  • Increase motivation 

  • Develop new skills


CAMIQ's Warranty

  • Excellent team building

  • Increased cohesion

  • Better communication

  • High level of appreciation

  • Dynamic, fun and hands on workshops

  • Adapted to your reality

  • Our workshops have been dispensed for 31 years

  • Our consultants are experts in their respective fields

  • The workshop length can be adjusted to meet your needs

Training Workshops: Our No.1 Expertise

  • ​The material is professional and accessible

  • Questionnaires and results are 100% online

  • Our training courses are suitable for groups of all sizes

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