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Professionnal Training

In an increasingly demanding, specialized and diverse job market, it is essential to provide employees with ongoing training in both technical and general skills.
Constant staffing and training of employees is essential to create a personal and professional development environment, encourage engagement, reduce turnover and retain the best talent.
At CAMIQ, we have set up a series of professional trainings designed to equip professionals in all fields to be more efficient, less stressed, better organized and perform to the best of their abilities.
By basing our training on the most up-to-date theories and constantly improving our materials, we are able to offer training that will have a direct and rapid impact on the performance of your work teams.


Management of priorities, time and stress

  • Define what is urgent

  • Define what is important

  • Identify stressors

  • Organize effectively


Know how to listen and be heard effectively

  • Learn to listen

  • Spread his messages

  • Avoid misunderstandings

  • Communicate effectively


Delegate and share to better perform

  • Understand delegation

  • Reduce the need for control

  • Share tasks effectively

  • Make effective follow-ups

  • Build the optimal meeting

  • Find your personal mission and place in the organization

  • Increase your leadership by using influence

Innovative Professionnal Training

  • Psychometrics and legal practice (Plead, speak and negociate)

  • Psychometrics in the health sector (Ideal for health teams)

  • Psychometrics and negotiation (Get to know the opponent) 

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