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TTI Success Insights

Emotional Intelligence: A step towards better leadership. 

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 Twelve Driving Forces

In the 1990s, Peter Salovey and John Mayer, two American academics, worked on an innovative concept: emotional intelligence. According to their research, the intelligence of an individual is measured not only by his intelligence quotient, but also by his emotions and his way of managing them.


A concept taken up and popularized by American psychologist Daniel Goleman who has devoted several books to this new concept. There are now several models dedicated to this innovative notion of emotional intelligence. Based on the various studies conducted, TTI Success Insights has developed a new play tool that evaluates this emotional quotient.


The EQ tool therefore allows a better apprehension of our emotions, like those of our relatives. It's an innate talent that can be developed. This is why our assessment also provides a concrete approach to how to put this knowledge into practice in our daily behaviors.


Emotions have an influence on our decisions, our behaviors. Being aware of one's own emotional state is a first step towards a more rational reflection. In recruitment, the EQ tool makes it possible to differentiate between several candidates in terms of know-how and advice, the EQ can help to work on oneself, on its stress, its communication, its management or its process of taking of decision.