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TTI Success Insights

Measuring someones ability to learn: A look in the future. 

The Report

 Twelve Driving Forces

Drawing on the work of the German philosopher Robert S. Hartmann, this evaluation aims to decipher the cognitive skills and learning ability of an individual.

Offering a much more comprehensive approach than a resume or interview, the ACU report provides a real understanding of the cognitive aspects and abilities of the respondent.


As a potential developer, this report highlights the capabilities of an individual to:

  • Understand one's place in an organization

  • Understand the place of others in the organization;

  • Analyzes its performance and needs affiliated with its task

  • Develop new technical skills

  • Develop new human skills

  • Develop leadership

  • Identify and improve communication skills


In the context of current hiring, it is essential to find candidates with a capacity to learn to raise, intellectual flexibility and openness to development. This test is the ideal tool to find this kind of candidate.