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Recruiting and Hiring

Our psychometric tools are designed to facilitate your recruitment through the use of accurate reports that are clear and easy to understand. They provide you with insights into the behaviours, motivators, personal skills and emotional intelligence of your current or prospective employees to assess the adequacy of the job profile and desired traits.

With our tools, go beyond the CV, and the job interview, you will have a more comprehensive and relevant vision of your future recruits.

Our comparative tools will also allow you to place your new recruits at the right place in terms of both teamwork and hierarchy.

Studies show that employees do not leave a job, they leave colleagues and a superiors. Do not fall into the trap and put your employees in the right teams under the supervision of the right people.


Find Candidates

  • Psychometric assessments

  • Job profiles

  • Precise recommendations

  • Get to know your recruits


Hire personnalities and skills

  • Personnality tests

  • Values and motivations tests

  • Team cohesion and adaptation

  • Welcome them properly


Keep the Talent

  • Professionnal training

  • Comparative reports

  • Skills development

  • Train them to keep them

  • Five management baskets containing 10 psychometric tests

  • Clear, concise and easy-to-use reports

  • Recommendations from our recruitment experts

Our Recruiting, Hiring and Developing Packages

  • Assessment of skills and learning ability

  • Personality, behaviours and values

  • Motivators and emotional intelligence

Ready to find the best talent?
Want a human approach?

Hire personalities
Evaluate the candidate's development capacity
Go beyond the simple CV
Know who you are hiring