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Legal Services

Member of the Quebec Bar since 1980 and 2019 respectively, two of our consultants have a thorough knowledge of the management issues specific to law firms.

Having practiced law in several law firms across the province, our consultants stand out for their understanding:

The real issues lawyers face everyday

Issues relating to internal SME's causing a culture problem 

Interpersonnal issues between collegues

Hierarchic interactions between lawyers and support staff

Your Problems

  • Hierarchy within the company

  • High turnover of young lawyers;

  • Disorganized organizational culture;

  • Cabinet resulting from a merger in which the division is still marked;

  • Lack of collaboration within the team;

  • Competition of equals favoring a climate of competition rather than collaboration;

  • High turnover rate of support staff;

Our Solutions

  • Diagnosis of the main issues of the company;

  • Establishment of an action plan at the level of the organizational culture;

  • Creation of an internal communication system based on our psychometric tools;

  • Better knowledge of the personality, the ways of doing and communicating as well as the values of your employees;

  • Comparative reports between the donors and the lawyers working for them;

  • Comparative reports between the lawyer and his assistant;

We Offer a Four Steps Service: 


Initial meeting and diagnostic


Individual DISC and Driving Forces Assessment


Individual, comparative and team reports are given to the  management team 


A team building and informative workshop is given to the whole team

Our Promise

  • Enriched organizational culture;

  • Much more effective communication between all stakeholders;

  • Establishment of a common language within your company with respect to personalities and interactions;

  • Better knowledge of your teams interactions;

  • Lower turnover rate;

  • Stronger employee commitment.