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Public Sector

The public sector is a field often neglected at the consultancy level due to the particularities of the environment. Differences in mentalities between the public and private sectors are important, and cities, municipalities, crown corporations and state departments have their own issues:

  • Organizational culture in a changing environment​

  • Partisanship and periodic change of direction

  • Attractiveness of talents and specific personalities​

  • Frequent departures, after a few years, to private companies

Having worked with several Quebec, Manitoba and Ontario ministries, we have developed a strong expertise in organizational culture and communication within the public sector over the last 30 years.

Change Management

Better Communication 

Talent Recruitment

Workshops and Team Building

We have developed, over time, products for the public sector and its users

Our offer mainly concerns:

  • Ministries;

  • MRC;

  • Municipalities;

  • Cities