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Public Security

The university teaching experience of one of our consultants led her to work closely with various public safety actors in Quebec. This proximity allowed us to identify and asses the needs of this type of organization.

Your Problems

  • Managers are promoted on the basis of the quality of their field work and not on the basis of their management capabilities;​

  • Several types of leadership clash on a daily basis making it difficult to integrate new recruits;

  • The new workforce is mostly millennial while the staff consists of baby boomers and Generation X managers causing a shock of value.

Our Solutions

  • We provide training on organizational leadership by focusing on brain values and preferences;

  • We bring a multigenerational approach that allows organizations to better make differences;

  • Via values and preferences, we put in place a common language within the organization so that everyone has common communication points of reference.

Police Corps

Fire Departments

Pre-hospital care

Private Security Agencies 



We are currently conducting a university study in partnership with the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. This study aims to identify, through the use of psychometric tests, the main trends in values and behaviors.


This study will then allow us to refine our approach by basing our training on the real differences between millennials and previous generations.