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Finance and Insurance

With an MBA from Concordia University and an MBA from the Université de Sherbrooke, two of our consultants have in-depth knowledge of management issues specific to companies in the field of finance and insurance.

For 30 years, CAMIQ has been providing services to businesses of all sizes in this sector. We know you are looking to:

Offer the best customer service on the market by hiring the right people

Find "star" managers who are committed to the advancement of the company

Unearthing the best talent in a highly competitive market where unemployment is excessively low

Your Problems

  • Generational management issues;​

  • Misunderstanding by managers of the millennial mentality;​

  • High turnover among young recruits;​

  • Disorganized organizational culture;​

  • Mergers and acquisitions companies in which cultures mix poorly;​

  • Lack of collaboration within the team;​

  • High turnover rate of support staff.

Our Solutions

  • Diagnosic of the main issues of the company;

  • Establishment of an action plan at the level of the organizational culture;

  • Creation of an internal communication system based on our psychometric tools;

  • Better knowledge of the personality, the ways of doing and communicating as well as the values of your employees;

  • Comparative reports between the donors and the lawyers working for them;

  • Comparative reports between the lawyer and his assistant.

We Offer a Four Step  Plan for Your Internal Management


Diagnostic of your needs


Individual DISC and Driving Forces assessments


Individual DISC and Driving Forces assessments


An informative and team building session takes p

Our Promise

  • Organizational culture enriched;​

  • Much more effective communication between all stakeholders​

  • Establishment of a common language within your company with respect to personalities and interactions;

  • Better knowledge of your team and interactions;​

  • Much lower turnover rate;​

  • Strong commitment from your employees

We Have a Three Step Plan For Your External Recruitment


Meet with your human resources to establish the typical profile for the position to be filled


Your recruits are passing the psychometric tests and we analyze them


We then match the typical profile with the recruits

Our Promise

  • ​Ideal match of your candidates for the position to be filled;

  • Talent recruitment and higher retention rate

  • Very high satisfaction of the employee and his superiors;

  • Better integration of the recruit into your organizational culture;